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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Odds and Ends

I have not posted lately as I have had nothing to post.  I have been sewing, but everything is for Christmas Presents and I did not want to post where the recipients could see.

I have gone back to see if there were photos I had that had not been posted so......

This quilt was made for Jeremy (Thimble Towne) for his birthday.  Our friendship group thought it would be totally appropriate.  If you know Jeremy then you know he loves his tennis shoes.
This little wall hanging was a class I took on Cathedral Windows.  This is only the second class I have taken that I finished the top in class.  I was so totally happy how this turned out.  Another technique mastered.  It really was much easier than it looks. 
Have you ever surprised someone?  We hit Greg early for his birthday.  This surprise has been in the mill since the Seven Sisters quilt show at Madonna Inn way back when.  We embarrassed Greg with some material that we girls were laughing about that we purchased at the quilt show.
From there it went to.........

Here is Greg's surprise.  Brenda did the actual sewing to make these boxers.
There is a long story behind these boxers.  I won't tell it here, you will have to ask Greg for the whole long story.  You will get a laugh is all I can say.  Just to funny.  Thanks Greg for letting us make fun of your surprise.

Well it is back to sewing.  Hopefully I will have a bunch to show you soon. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am so Behind

The following photos were from our last Strip Club.
Some of the people attending:
Faye in the purple and Cheryl in the pink

Brenda in the front and Joan in the back

Rita in the front and Diane in the back. Brenda on the right and Joan back right.

Beth in Grey Green top, Diane in Red, Marty way in the back

Rita showing her Halloween shirt.

Diane and her quilt.

Brenda and her finished quilt

Marty's Quilt.  Love the purple and yellow

I am missing the photo of Cheryl's quilt.  Some of my disc's are getting old and can't get the photos off of them. 

Just about time for a new camera.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quilt Retreat Los Osos

The following photos are of our retreat in Los Osos.  We spent five wonderful days at the coast.  Well, maybe I should clarify that.  The first two days were really hot.  (in the 90's)  We were not planning on that.  It did cool off the next few days back to normal.
Brenda at her sewing machine.

Carolyn on the left, Sheila on the right.  Outside is one of the patio's.  You can just see the ocean from the window.

Cheryl in the front and Charlotte on the couch.


Looking out the dining-room window

Jeannie's sewing station.


Kitchen area

Marcella and Diane

Another Patio area.  Charlotte, Sharon and Marcella

Nothing like relaxing. 

My sewing area.  I got to look out the window the whole time.

Taking a break and enjoying the sunshine.

Sharon setting up.

Sheila, thinking about ?  Hum!

Out the living room patio door.  You can see the bay then the ocean.  Oh so relaxing.

Alice and her block of the month

Alice and her class quilt

Brenda and her Lorax quilt.
This is for the Common Threads Boutique

Brenda's strip club quilt before borders.

Brenda's quilt for a wedding coming up.

Brenda's table runner for the Boutique

Carolyn's Christmas Napkin

Carolyn, relaxing watching T.V.

Carolyn's other napkin

Carolyn's Pajama Pants for her Grandson.  She made three different pair while at retreat.  Just has to put the elastic in.

Charlotte's lil twister heart.

Charlotte's baby quilt

Another baby quilt

Charlotte's Fall Leaf quilt

Charlotte's Left-over quilt

Charlotte's Applique

Another Applique

Charlotte's Butterfly quilt

Charlotte's Stack and Whack

Cheryl's place mats

Cheryl's Pot Holder quilt

Charlotte's Halloween Wall-Hanging

Janice's Baby Quilt

Close Up of Janice's Wall-hanging

Another close up

Janice's Challenge Quilt

Janice's Wall Hanging that the close up photos are above

The band that goes onto the quilt
Another Wall Hanging.  Notice the quilting!!!

A heart quilt for her Nephew


Jeannie's Charity Quilt.

Jeannie's Cog Wheel Quilt

Jeannie's Mystery quilt

Marcella's Tree Skirt

Marcella's Mystery Quilt.  She has several other pieces that go with this.

Marcella's Christmas Quilt


Sharon's Halloween Border Print

Sharon's Halloween Panel

On Jeannie's back are the blocks Sheila made for her one block wonder. 

I am terribly sorry, I do not remember if this was Janice's or not.  But it is very pretty who ever it belongs to. 

This brings a close to our retreat.  We had such a wonderful time.  We are looking forward to our next retreat in April. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Quilting.