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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Our friendship group (Tangled Threads) recently finished a challenge.  Our challenge involved paint chips.  Our paint chips had three colors and we had to use all three colors in our quilts.  They had to be at least 50% of the quilt. 

Jeannie's Quilt

Isn't it beautiful.  I just love the rusty color to pop out those stars.  Really a great job Jeannie.

Brenda's quilt.  All you can say is wow.  Just a fun loving bright quilt.  I really like it. 
Here are Brenda's colors.  It is hard to see in this photo but there are three colors there.
Here is mine.   I really like how it turned out. 

It is hard to see the colors again.  But you can tell there are three colors.
Diane's is partly completed.  You can see the wedges starting to take form.
Sorry,  I don't know who's paint chip this one was.  It was either Diane's or Jeannie's.

Hope you enjoyed the show and tell. 

Encourage one another in quilting, Paula

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Last week while at Road to California I saw some material I just fell in love with.  They only had two yards with them at the show so I asked how I could get more.  Well, they kindly called their shore and I placed my order.  So.....yesterday my material was delivered.  Thanks to Monica's Quilt store, I am a happy camper.  

Now for the story...... A friend and I (Hi Brenda) decided our new years resolution would be that we could not purchase any new fabric unless we had a purpose for it.  Trying to cut down our stashes since we are running out of room.   I love love love fall colors and leaves.  That is why the fabric.  So Brenda asks what are you going to make with it?  The first thing that pops into my head is a wall hanging for my living room.  So Brenda much did you get?   Now for the funny part.   Five Yards....
So....It will be a big wall hanging now won't it. 
This is the fabric

This is a close up.

Don't you just love this fabric.  Can't wait to cut into it.

Encourage each other in quilting. Paula

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mystery Quilt

Every year on New Years Eve day several of us ladies get together and do an on line mystery quilt. 

The material needed and cutting instructions are given several weeks in advance. 

This year we were told to pick a background, light and two medium colors.  That is all the hints on color you are given.   

My background was red and my two mediums were the blue and orange leaving the yellow as my light. 

The photo looks really wrinkly but it is just the way the dogs scrunched it up before I got the photo.  I selected a boy print with rocket ships for the back of the quilt.  Still have to do the binding then it will be done. 

Mystery quilts can be really fun to do.  I chose the crib size to do as I knew it was going to be a charity quilt. 

Happy quilting.  Encourage each other in quilting, Paula

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Jeremy - getting ready for class.  Listen close!

Strip club was Tuesday for me.  Jeremy holds strip club three times a month.  He does a Saturday, Tuesday day and Tuesday night. 

I am going to start with show and tell as we had a few bring quilts that they had done in strip clubs past. 
Diane.....the winner of next months strips.

Audrey and Harvest

Close Up

Cheryl's Trees

Brenda, Persis, Audrey



From the back: Audrey, Jeannie, Persis, Brenda

Jeremy trying on Paula's Scarf

Cheryl and her Christmas Trees

Diane's Christmas Trees
Don't they look cheerful!

Check out the shoes!  Jeremy now has a run for his money........

Our Quilt for February will be Diamond Head

I don't know about every one else but I sure did miss strip club.  Being off Nov and Dec seemed like forever.  Thanks to everyone that brought food to share.  It was wonderful.  I really missed you guys.

Encourage each other in quilting, Paula