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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strip Club Tuesday

Today was Strip Club Tuesday at Thimble Towne.
Jeremy does Strip Club three times a month and I go on Tuesday during the day. 

I only took photos of quilts today so I will share with you show and tell.

The name of the quilt pattern was Star of the show

This was my quilt.  I used all yellows and oranges
Diane Brown's   so pretty and the stars in her border really stand out.

Here we have the two Diane's
Diane Holmes and Diane Brown
Diane H. Reduced her size down to 1-1/2" strips.  It is so cute.

Persis's Stars  - she better watch it...Brenda loves purple.  Those stars may dissapear.

I am so is either Marsha or Martha from Bakersfield.  I just can't remember. Sorry.  Really Pretty though.

Cheryl's quilt.  Love the border.  It is a queen size and purple.

Cheryl also brought her Stars Aligned quilt that she just finished.  Isn't it Beautiful.  The stars just jump out at you.  So Pretty.

This will be our quilt for April which we pick up our strips for today.  I just love Red White and Blue.  This should be a fun quilt to make. 

We worked on our March quilts today.  These are the colors I chose.  Can't wait to build more blocks.

Some of the other blocks on the wall. 

There are going to be some really fun quilts made using these blocks.  Can't wait to see them finished.

Thanks for stopping by.  Encourage each other in Quilting. Paula

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sew Sational Sunday Sew

Sunday we attended the Sewsational Sunday sew in at Thimble Towne. 

Not only were there a bunch of wonderful ladies to sew with but we also had a pot luck.  There was more food that people to eat it.  YUM!!!

I am sorry to say that I did not get everyone's name so......but it was still fun.

Linda B.

Eileen P and Karen B.

Eileen, Karyn, Jeannie S., Kathy E.

Karyn B. and Jeannie S.

Linda C.

CC. ?


Greg and ??

We did have a great time sewing and I did finish my Strip Club quilt top which you will see tomorrow when I post those photos.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The following two photos are of items that will be in the Little Quilt Raffle for March at the Orange Blossom Quilters Guild.  Don't forget to purchase your tickets. You could win one of these.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Odds and Ends

At our friendship group we always do show and tell.  Here are some of the items shared this week.

Carolyn's small quilt.

Sheila's blocks from Craftsy plus....

Denise's Heart quilt.  Could it get any bigger?
Really pretty.

Diane's Strip Club quilt.  Oh so pretty.

I am so far behind I am not sure I will ever get caught up.  I have to work on my strip club quilt tomorrow at open sew and hopefully get some of it put together. 

Thanks for dropping by.  Encourage each other in quilting.  Paula

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sample Blocks

Thought I would show all of you some of the blocks that we will be doing for our Round Robin.
Brenda Block 1

Brenda's Block 2
Sheila's Block 1

Sheila's Block 2

Denise Block 1

Denise block 2

Diane Block 1 - Block 2 is on its way.

Carolyn block 1.....block two on its way

Jeannie Block 1

Jeannie block 2

Tangled Threads

Our friendship group Tangled Threads is starting a new challenge.  It is a type of round robin challenge.  We each start with three different fabrics in the colors of our choice.  We make two different 12" blocks out of our fabric then pass it on.  We each make the same two blocks out of each others fabrics.  Here are some photos of our beginning.

Diane's fabric

Jeannie's fabric

Brenda's Fabric

Carolyn's Fabric

Sheila's fabric

Paula's Fabric

Denise's Fabric

This is going to be fun and I can't wait to see the finished product. 

Thanks for dropping by.  Encourage each other in quilting.  Paula

Monday, February 20, 2012

Comfort Quilts

This past week has been one where I finally was able to finish up some of the comfort quilts that I started a while back.  I actually have 14 tops made and did not have batting.  Here are a few that are now complete.

This is all left over materials turned into a quilt.

Donated Sun Bonnet Sue blocks.
Makes a great little girl quilt.  

Baby Quilt made from left overs

The black and white fabric was donated by Jeremy from Thimble Towne.  This  quilt is a nice size and could cover a man easily.

This one is finally completed.  This was the New Years Eve on line Mystery quilt that our group did.  I finally got it quilted and bound. 

I have finished three others but have not taken photos of those yet.

Thanks for dropping by.  Encourage each other in Quilting. Paula

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Little Blonde Girl

Everyone that know me well knows how much I enjoy having my Granddaughter Kristina home for a few days.  She came Friday afternoon and does not leave until tomorrow.  She brought her quilting material with her.  So friday night we spent cutting.

Our first trip was to Thimble Towne on Saturday for her to purchase some quilting rulers.  The one she had was broken in one of her moves.  So.....being the nice Grandma that I am I purchased her three new rulers.  Would have got four but they were out of the fourth size I wanted for her so she will get it next time. 

Sewing her half square triangles together.  Only 64 to go.

Notice the white cat helping her sew.  That is Miss Kitty.  At my house you will always have at least one of four helping you sew.

Sunday, she had to get some time in with her Grandpa and they went to the range in Fresno to shoot.  She is getting to be quite the dead eye.  I got to see the targets.  She is much more accurate than I am.  Then home again and back to sewing. 

Thanks for dropping by.  Encourage each other in quilting.  Paula

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Class Photos

I found the missing photo disc from the class last week and wanted to show you some of the beautiful pieces the ladies are working on. 

Diane Holmes - Work in progress

Diane Brown's in progress.  Love the blue background.

Kathy's in progress

Paula's in Progress

Encourage each other in quilting.  Paula