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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comfort Quilts

Comfort Quilts is a program our Quilt Guild
(Common Threads) has. We get together (different people at different times) to sew and make quilts for the community.
This quilt top was made by one of our members and was given to me to finish.
I did an all over meander (Quick and Easy) then added the binding. I look a bit of license with the binding and used a material that had red, white and black in it so it would blend.
Pretty quilt top isn't it. I did have fun quilting it.
Happy Quilting, Paula

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Here is my Twirling Quilt top finished.
This top was tons of fun to make. I tried to stick to manly colors as I plan on giving this to hubby for Christmas......Lets hope I get it quilted in time.
You all know how times gets away from us.
Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting, Paula

Friday, October 22, 2010

Here is a finished quilt.

My Granddaughter Kristina made this quilt top. She picked out all the materials and drew up her own pattern.
This quilt is for her boyfriend for Christmas so she was really bugging me to get it quilted.
I had a bit of a hard time trying to decide what quilting pattern to use since it was for a male you could not use anything floral.

This is the back of the quilt where you can get more of an idea of the quilting.

I just hope when she come down to pick it up that she is happy with it.
I still have about four more of her quilts to get quilted and have not touched my own.
Thanks for dropping by. Happy Quilting, Paula

Monday, October 11, 2010

This was one of the view's from the window at retreat.

White at retreat we were blessed with this sight out our window each day.

There were seven different deer that came.

This is one of the mommies and baby

All of these photos are shot through the windows of the house.
I did not want to go outside to scare them.

Isn't she pretty

She had been rubbing against a tree

A little glare through the window.

They all enjoyed eating the grass

Sorry this photo is so bad but he was on the move and I had to hurry and grab the camera.
This was the only male we saw.
Hope you enjoy my bit of nature

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show and Tell.

At retreat we did a show and tell. It was really fun to look at some of the things the ladies worked on at retreat.

First off is Sharon - this was a comfort quilt she worked on.

Marcella's Hanging basket that she finished piecing

Marcella purchased this quilt kit while at the retreat and finished piecing it while there. Isn't it GOR JUSH

Next up is Juanita and her wall hanging. She just has the outer boarder to do then it is finished until she quilts it.

Jeannie's Twirling - now for the borders

Jeannie's Hanging Baskets. Oh so pretty.

Diane's.....You should see her little snowmen that are paper pieced. Too Cute

Denise and the poncho she made. You really can't see how beautiful the material is.

Debbie's Americana quilt. This think is huge. True Debbie style (large) I am not sure she knows how to make a small quilt.

Charlotte's wall hanging in progress

Charlotte's butterflies

Cathleen's Buckeye Beauty

Cathleen's Safari

Carolin's table runner and place mat. You really can't get the colors in this photo but they are such nice fall colors.

Brenda's quilt from Houston.....can't remember its name. Her quilt is prettier than the pattern.

Brenda's Twirling

Brenda's Safari

Barbara's Big and Bold

Suzanne's opportunity quilt that she won that was quilted by Marcella. We all had to examine the quilting.

Hope you enjoyed our little show and tell. I know I did. Happy Quilting, Paula

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Los Osos Retreat

Last Monday I had the opportunity to go to a quilting retreat at Los Osos, Calif. We left Monday morning and on the way to the retreat we hit four quilt stores. All I can say is fun fun fun. We (Brenda, Debbie and myself) hit three quilt stores in Paso Robles then headed for Grover Beach quilt store. We actually arrived at the retreat about 3 p.m. Everyone else had arrived and had set their things up so we unloaded and got our sewing tables set up and ready to go.

These first two photos look out the window to the bay and the ocean. That is Moro Rock sticking out. All of my photos were taken through the windows. I was lazy and did not go outside. Besides that If I did go outside I would have scared the Deer away. You will see photos of the deer another day.

This is a photo of one of our sewing areas.
On the far end you will see Carolyn. Next to Carolyn is Sharon. Across is Coleen and to the far right is Cathleen and the far left with her head cut off is Debbie.

Over here you will find Debbie has her back to me, then Marcella is standing, Brenda is busy sewing and you will find a little bit of Diane.

In this photo far left is Barbara, Suzanne's sewing machine, Juanita, Diane, Brenda and Jeannie.

The ocean for the window.

This photos catches the ocean and on the far right the Bay.

That is all for today. Company just arrived.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Another strip quilt. The name of this pattern is Myopia.

This is another quilt that I made through Strip Club at Country Manor.

My quilt is in bright Orange. It really is bright. You can't tell by the photo but the borders even have purple in them. I call this my Halloween quilt.

This photo is my dear friend Brenda's quilt. She did hers in Greens. Don't they look totally different?

If you would like to see more quilts from this pattern, you can go here. This is linked to the Country Manor blog so you can see all of the beautiful quilts.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting, Paula

Saturday, October 2, 2010


The name of the pattern for this quilt is Multifaceted. I really like how this pattern turned out.
I purchased this kit over a year ago at the Long Beach Quilt Show. It got stuck in the back of my quilt cupboard and forgotten.
Well, I attend strip club at the Country Manor one day a month and this was one of the patterns that came up so...I drug out my kit from a year ago and made my quilt top. I just found material for the back. I should be able to get it sandwiched soon and quilted.
The border fabric is what really makes this quilt an eye catcher. It really just pops out at you. I think once it is quilted it will be easier to see all the different colors in the quilt.
My hubby has already claimed this quilt as his so I would like to get it finished.
Thanks for dropping by. Happy quilting, Paula

Friday, October 1, 2010

One Block Wonder

It has only taken me a year and a half to put borders onto this quilt ( Hum... maybe it is closer to two years.) This will probably be the one and only time I do a One Block Wonder quilt.
Just not my cup of tea. It's o.k., just doesn't excite me.
My original fabric was a big over all floral pattern. In this photo the colors are a bit dull but actually it is bright reds, oranges, etc.
Now to decide on a back so I can get this done and out of my hair.
Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting, Paula