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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fighting over presents

I just could not pass up showing this too you.  I had just given the cats and dogs their Christmas presents when these two decided it would be fun to wrestle over them....  The black cat is JJ and the dog is Molly.  They had a good time for about three minutes then it was time to break them up and get on with the humans opening their packages.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shopping at Thimble Towne

Thimble Towne is having their end of the year sale.

I could not pass it up. My daughter and one Granddaughter and I went shopping. Cheryl (my Daughter) picked out the material for her next years Christmas Quilt. Kristina (my oldest granddaughter) picked out the fabrics for her to make two quilts. One pattern she chose was Walk About and the other fabric she was not sure what she wanted to do with it yet.
Kristina's Fabric

Cheryl's - to make a heart quilt

Kristina's for Walk About quilt

Backs for charity quilts

I need to get my sewing machine set back up and get to work.  I have eight tops completed and need to make the backs and get them layered and quilted. 

My Three Girls
Victoria(14) Cheryl and Kristina (22)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We had our whole family together and it was a wonderful time. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Quilting.  Encourage each other with quilting. Paula

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trying to wrap Christmas Presents

 I have helpers no matter when or where I try to wrap presents. 

This is JJ

What do you mean you want me to move so you can put tape on the ends?  I am comfortable.

I have not been doing any sewing but I did get both of these scarves knitted. 

The scarves were fast and easy.  I did the blue scarf the first night while watching T.V.  The  red one I finished the night after.   I have not knitted in 25 years.  I was really surprised it came back so fast.  I really like how the scarves turned out and think the girls will like them. 

Now it is time for me to get some baking done before Christmas.  

Thanks for dropping by.  Encourage each other to Quilt, Paula.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Our Christmas party for Orange Blossom Guild was last night.  We had a wonderful time even thought I did not win anything last night.  Oh well, there is next year. 

We got to visit, eat, eat, visit, etc. 

Here are some of the High-lights

Adena and Pat showing off their mother daughter bags. 

Elaine B. was a winner of two silent auction items

Barbara G. and Juanita  (Barbara our 2011 President and Juanita the 2012 president)

Barry and Brenda (Brenda is our new Vice Pres)

Linda M. pulling the winning block of the month winner

Brenda and Jeannie

Carolyn - pointing the direction

Grace - twisting our arms to buy more tickets

Juanita taking a photo of me taking her photo. HaHaHa

Our 2012 Opportunity Quilt

Paul G. and Barbara. pulling the winning opportunity quilt ticket.

Vicky is the winner of the small opportunity quilt

Diane - sewing on a block at the table.  She is so dedicated.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. 

Encourage each other in quilting, Paula
Some of you know that recently I purchased a new sewing machine.  I purchased a new Symphony by Baby Lock.  I am having so much fun learning to do so many different things.  I love the scissors on the machine.  I also have a needle threader that finally works all the time. 

Yesterday I made my very first label on my machine.  I was so proud.  Now I can start putting labels onto the back of my quilts. 

Thanks for dropping by today.  Encourage each other in Quilting, Paula

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Black and White

Black and White quilts always fascinate me.  I really love black and white quilts. You can throw in a third color or just leave it alone. 

The blocks below are going to be a comfort quilt. 
Jeremy at Thimble Towne donated a ton of black and white fabric for me to use on comfort quilts.  This is a block that I wanted to try with just two colors and I think it looks great in Black and White.  I have all the blocks made but still need to square them up before putting them together.  Once done I will decide what color to use on the borders.   

Thanks for dropping by.  Encourage each other in Quilting, Paula

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tangled Threads Challenge

Early this year our Tangled Threads friendship group were given a paint chip challenge.  It is due the end of January.  I finally finished mine.  I decided to make a large quilt, some chose wall-hanging size etc.
The only rules were you had to use your pain chip colors in at least 50% of your challenge. 

Last year at Road to Calif. I found two yards of fabric that I just fell in love with and it was the colors in my paint chip (I had it with me).  So that fabric was perfect.  Now to find the colors to go with it. Well I had one in my closet and the other I finally found at Thimble Towne after changing my mind three times. I really hope this photo turns out better on your computer than on mine.  The colors really are not vibrant in the photo and that bugs me.  I love how it turned out.  Now to decide how to quilt it. 

Here is a closer look.  Arn't the leaves just beautiful. I am a fall color girl and love fall. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Encourage each other in Quilting, Paula.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Comfort Quilt

Today I had to work on a few different projects.  My neighbor asked me the other evening to do some special cards for her siblings for Christmas.  These cards had a beautiful poem about loss of loved ones.  It was really very touching and I know her siblings will love them.  Once I finished that I worked on some other quilty projects.  I have started to collect my materials for the challenge at Common Threads Quilt Guild.  Had to call one of the committee persons to clarify since they ran out of the printed sheets for the rules.  I am excited.  I have not done anything like this before.  Can't wait to get started as I know it will take me a while. 

Below is my latest project.  Jeremy at Thimble Towne gave me some leftovers from a store quilt to turn into a comfort quilt.  It is so bright and cheerful.  It really is brighter that the photo shows. I had just layed it out when the dogs decided to wrestle on top of it.  Now to go back and smooth it out and re-press before quilting.  Hopefully I can get it quilted tomorrow but......have errands to run tomorrow so hopefully they won't take to long.    

Encourage each other in Quilting, Paula

Sunday, December 11, 2011

No quilts to show you today.   I have been working on Christmas presents and can't show you those until after our Christmas party.    I want to learn how to use the alphabet on my sewing machine so I can make some Christmas  Gift  Labels.   Guess is it is time to get our the book and start figuring it out.

I have been working on charity quilts.  I have one totally finished and one ready to quilt.  I also have 7 finished tops.  I have two tops that still need borders,  I don't own any light pink and one top needs a light pink and the other needs either a dark pink or turquoise for the borders. 

I started cutting and sewing blocks together for a couple of black and white charity quilts.  They are fun to do because you can add any color as borders.  So....will get them pieced then start looking for different colors for the borders.

Well, I hope all of you are finishing up your Christmas projects as we are getting close.  Until next time.  Encourage each other in quilting. Paula   

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Christmas Party with My Stamping Friends

Sunday I was able to spend the day with my stamping friends.  We decided to stamp Christmas tags.  Lots and Lots of Christmas tags.  I have not taken photos of the tags yet.  We did a gift exchange and got some really neat things.  Can't wait to try my soup in a jar.  My Christmas plant is now on my mantel and looking beautiful.  Once I put my tree up I can put the Christmas Ornaments on its.  Wow.  What a day.  It is always so much fun to get caught up in each others life.  Love it.  We had  a wonderful day.

Jeanne showing off the ornaments we received

Jeanne, Noreen and Mary showing off their table runners and aprons.

Mary, getting ready to stamp.



Noreen putting things together

Mary cutting

Some of the wonderful food we shared.

Happy Snowman Card

Snowman Bag

Noreen showing off her Christmas bag

Thanks for stopping by. Encourage each other on Quilting, Paula

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Missing Quilt

Quilt-Jacking ---Get the Word Out!

Sharon’s devastating news that her quilt disappeared after being shown in Houston. It is not a misplaced shipment --- the quilt went missing before shipping.
She writes:
I’m hoping you can post this information and picture on the on-line quilt group you’re with. I just found out that my “Really ‘Wild’ Flowers! Second Season” quilt went missing the day after the Houston show and I’m devastated and heart-broken beyond words. I’m offering a cash reward for its safe return, no questions asked. I would just like to have my quilt back home. The size is 62” x 64.5”.

Please urge each of the gals to send the information out to their own personal contacts as well if you would.

Thank you so much,
~ Sharon
If you have seen this quilt, please contact Sharon Schlotzhauer.
Sharon, being one who has to ship quilts often, and travel with them often, I feel your horror and devastation over your missing quilt. I hope we can find it and return it to you in short order!!
Everyone, please get the word out! I hate the thought of Quilts being stolen or missing for any reason.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Aprons

I have been making aprons for Christmas Presents. 

They are made out of T-Towles and Christmas Fabric.  The first one I made took forever to make and then I changed the pattern to fit what I wanted done. 

Of course the dog had to get into the act and see what all this "stuff" was on her parking place.  My Miss Molly is so funny.  She started pulling on the ties to get them off of her couch.  Not sure if she thought they were taking up too much room or just in her way. 

Thank for stopping by.  Encourage each other to quilt, Paula.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Quilting

Getting my Christmas quilting finished.  I had to make two of the same pattern for my two Granddaughters. 

The first quilt is for Kristina, the oldest and her quilt is all reds and white. 


This next quilt is my youngest granddaughters, Victoria.  I used Reds, Pinks and white. 

Both quilts I used 2-1/2" strips.  They were fun to do.  Since I was running out of time I had Brenda quilt them for me.  The top quilt is quilted in Red thread and the bottom is quilted in Pink. 

I hope the girls like them.

Thanks for stopping by.  Encourage each other in quilting, Paula.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Table Runner

I have been trying to get my Christmas sewing completed.  I have three table runners completed and one ready to quilt before Sunday when we have our stamping Christmas party. 

This table runner is made using the little twister ruler.  They are just to fun to make.

Thanks for stopping by.  Encourage each other in Quilting, Paula 

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Swirly Christmas Table Runner

Back in October I made a Fall table runner and wanted to make on for Christmas.  Well, the top is completed so not to do my trimming and sandwich this and get it quilted.  I have so many other irons in the fire that I am not sure it will even get finished for my table.  Oh well, there is always next year.

Swirly Table Runner for Christmas

Encourage each other in Quilting, Paula

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some finished items

Last Thursday night was Orange Blossom Quilt Guild and I had a few things finished to show. 

My first quilt was a Mystery Quilt that I made years ago.  It was an one line Mystery and was fun to do.
Since I had just taken Debbie Van Fossen's machine quilting class I decided to give it a go.  Tried a few new things and had a ball doing it.  It took me four days but was fun and I am very happy with it.  Thanks Debbie for giving me courage.

Mystery Quilt

Table Runner
 A month or so ago I was introduced to the Lil Twister.  (Thanks Diane).  They are so addicting.  I have two completly finished for Christmas presents and have two more to go.  Just fun, fun, fun.
Table Runner

Thanks for stopping by.  Encourage each other to quilt. Paula

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Look at this Material!!!

Have you ever had a fabric jump off of the shelf at you?

This fabric did.  It is a batik and oh so many colors.  I fell in love.  Since I had no plans for it when I bought it I just got 5 yards.  It has pink, purple, orange, gold, yellow, turquoise, blue etc. etc. etc.
It is currently hanging in my sewing room so I can just stare at it. 

Oh the plans for it.  What will I do?  Hum!!! So many possibilities.

Encourage each other to quilt.  Paula

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today I did a bit of sewing.  I purchased 12 dish towels from Thimble Towne several months ago.  Six were red and six were green.  I purchased Christmas material to go onto the aprons.  Ha Ha.....I did not buy enough.  I have never made an apron before.  Boy did I guess wrong.  Well.  I did get two complete aprons made.  Here is one. 

My Christmas Apron
I am not at sewer.  I am a quilter.  I have done very little sewing in my life.  I have not given up but darn this project was a lot harder than I thought.  I will learn but......Don't laugh....It looks better in real life.

Encourage each other in quilting.  Paula

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today I had the privilege of being able to spend the day with my two favorite sewing buddies.  Brenda and Diane.  We thee left the house this morning around 8:30 a.m. and headed for Fresno and the first stop of the Holiday Shop Hop.  First stop was Cottage Quilts in Fresno.  I had my cup of Hot Cocoa, enjoyed visiting with other hoppers and picking out fabric. I picked up a few yards of material for borders and backs for two little twister table runners that I have made and 20 fall fat quarters.  Second stop was Quilters Paradise in Clovis.  There I found two charm packs and coordinating fabrics.  So excited.....I wanted to sew them up right then.....Just didn't have a sewing machine in the car. LOL!!!  Our third stop was at the Mennonite Quilt store in Reedley.  I picked up 9 yards of red polka dot fabric and 6 yards of blue fabric for backs.  It was in there sale area so I got a great bargain. 

At that point we were all starving so it was off to lunch.  We walked a few blocks over for lunch to this little Mexican restaurant.  YUM YUM.  Had a great lunch with Brenda, Diane, Jeannie, Carolyn, Ferral and Sue. 

Back into the car and we Headed for Hanford and Quilters Quarters.  Sorry to say I did not pick up any material there but I did have a brownie for desert.  Very Good. 

Our last stop was at Thimble Towne.  We had to take Jeremy his birthday present so we planned Thimble Towne as our last stop.  Of course we entered the store singing Happy Birthday to Jeremy with his present and balloons in tow.  Since I already knew what I was buying there (I checked it out the day before) I got all my fat quarters and coordinating fabric and found a couple of new patterns. 

You will see all the photos below.
My Haul

Here is 20 Fall Fat Quarters

Both of these fabrics are borders and backs for table runners I have made.

This is a charm pack of 5" squares (42 squares) and three yards of coordinating fabric

Another set of charms and coordinating fabric

This is a set of 29 fat quarters and 3 yards of fabric to go with them.

I also purchased a couple of different patterns.
Now to make some time to finish my Christmas projects so I can get to some new sewing projects.

We did take photos of ourselves in front of or inside each store but they are on Brenda's camera so I will have to get them from her another time. 
Thanks for stopping by. Encourage each other in quilting.  Happy Quilting, Paula