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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little of this and A little of that

Last month I took a class at Orange Blossom Quilt Guild.  The teacher was Debbie Van Fossen.  What fun it was.  I was able to finish several blocks this past two weeks.  I made all the red blocks into this throw quilt seen below. 

These two table runners are the blue blocks. I still have 15 blocks that are mostly green that have to be made into table runners yet but have to find green fabric to go with them.  Everything else I had at home in my stash but do not have the right color green.  Oh my.....have to go shopping. 

This is a table runner that is made from left over blocks from other quilts.  Just added them together and was able to make a table runner out of them. 

Have been trying to finish off a few comfort quilts.  I think this past week I have finished four tops.  Only finished two back and binding  I am out of batting so....they will have to be put aside until I can get batting.  I am trying to get scraps used up.  I am having trouble walking through my sewing room again so.....time to get some charity quilts made and use up these scraps....HaHaHa!  I always have the best plans and never enough time.  I really would like  more time to quilt.  I really need the practice.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have fun quilting.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun Quilts

Here are a few quilts from Saturday's strip club at Thimble Towne.  I was in dropping off my sewing machine so thought I may as well stay for show and tell. 


Sorry, I missed who's this was.  


Sydney's  She still has to add her boarders

This one is mine.  I went with polka dots. My background is white with red polka dots and my inner border is red with white polka dots.  The outer boarder is red, white and blue dots of all sizes.  

Kristen busy sewing

Sydney busy at work. 

More sewing going on.

This is the beauty we will be making for August.
Look at all those hexies!  What fun this will be.  Now I have to decide what wild colors I will use.

Until next time.  Happy Quilting.