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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Strip Club May 18, 2013

I attended strip club at Thimble Towne Saturday. 
I wanted to show you some of the quilts the ladies showed. 

This is Cheryl's Quilt
It is hard to see but it is quilted in gold thread.  So pretty. 

Diane Holmes made a mini quilt using the same pattern but put together differently. 

This is Kristen's quilt
I love the blue and brown together.  

This quilt was made using leftovers from the big quilt
and put together in a different pattern.  

This is my large quilt 

Persis quilt.  She used colored lattice in her quilt
This is Kristen's quilt from last month.

This is Persis's quilt from two months ago.
Love that lively background. 

Hope you enjoy these quilts.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trying to Catch Up!

I am so far behind in blogging but that is o.k.  I will do it when I can.

I did take some photos of quilts hanging at the quilt show.  This is my friend Diane's. Isn't it beautiful.  This is all hand appliqued.

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This was a challenge quilt I made.  It was a three color challenge that our friendship group did.  Each person made two blocks. We  then did our own lay out.  My left over block were made into a table runner. 
This wall hanging was a first attempt at cathedral windows.  
This was a first attempt at Mariners Compass
My friend Brenda's  (love this quilt) 
Brenda's Three Color challenge quilt
Brenda's  (not sure how to spell kaleidoscope)

That is all for tonight.  Until I download some more photos.