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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strip club, Strip Club, Strip Club

Strip Club was Tuesday and we had a great time.
I wanted to share some of the photos I took with all of you out there in blog land.
Here is Jeremy showing us how we will be sewing our star on the quilt we are currently working on.

Going around the classroom handing out patterns

Some of the ladies taking the class.  Far rear is Marty, next is Darby, in front of Darby is Bonnie, Jeremy and Brenda.  Far right it Diane and with her back to the camera is Karen.

At this table we have Cheryl, Beth and Diane

Now remember we all work from the same general pattern but everyone has their own choice of fabrics and any changes they want to make to their quilt.

Here is show and tell.

This is Brenda with her Halloween Quilt.  Her borders are fun.  Dots dots and more dots. Totally Quilted. You really can't see the quilting from this photo. Sorry.

This is Rita's

Beth and her quilt.  Notice the borders.  Too Fun and I like her binding

Here is Joan's quilt.  She used batiks.  Her quilt is square.  Love it.  I love the brown in each block and the first border being the same color.

Bonnie's quilt.  Not sure what fabric line she used but it sure is pretty. Quilted and bound.

Diane's quilt.  She used a different lay out.

Cheryl's Quilt.  As you can see she used different fabrics and her quilt is either king or queen size.

Now you can see how big it really is.
Love her choice in colors.

This is Darby's quilt.  Another batik.  Love the binding.  I wish I had a close up so you could see the quilting.  So Pretty.

Sharon brought two of her other strip club quilts to show off.  This was Color Falls.  Love it.

Sharon's second quilt.  This one is a wedding gift.

This is a table runner made from left-overs from the quilt.  I have started quilting it but it is not finished.
I actually think I have enough leftovers to make another table runner.

This is the quilt top.  I love batiks so that is the way I went with this quilt.

For our Christmas Project this year we are doing this large lap quilt.  The Christmas fat quarters are just too cute. 

I tried to get a close up but I was in the back of the  room and did not zoom fast enough.
Too close the day I took a photo of Greg's cool socks.  I did not get Jeremy's tennis shoes. sorry.

We had a great day of sewing and visiting.  We took a hour off and went to Panera's for lunch.  I had a Turkey and cranberry pinini (not sure if that is spelled correctly) that was really good.  Might do that again.

Well, until next time.  Encourage each other in quilting.