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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trying to catch up.

You know how you start a project and you put it away and all it needs is the binding.  This is one of those projects.  My friend Janette is the creator of this pattern.  I have about six of these table toppers.  I lost my binding for this one so....I had to make a trip to Thimble Towne and found a stripe I liked that went pretty well with this. you can see it is finally finished and on the table.

I love the stripe in the binding.  Now if the candy will stay in the bowl and not in my hand I will be o.k. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Coleen Grangers Mystery Class

Here a few weeks ago I was able to attend the Mystery Quilt class that Coleen Granger did at Thimble Towne.  I have never done a mystery like this with clues where you had to guess who, with what tool and in what room.  It was a blast. 

Here is Coleen and Jeremy 

Grace Hoya working away

The finished sample 

Some of the ladies working away. 

More of the ladies 

I believe this is Grace's blocks

Another ladies sample blocks

Guild Meeting

At our last guild meeting everyone was to bring their first and last quilts with them to show and tell.  We were also to tell a bit about how we got started in quilting.  I did not have my very first quilt but this quilt below was one of the first ones I made. 

The binding is coming off in several spots, it has a few seams splitting.  I was not told that you should not start with a flannel quilt and my first three quilts were all make of flannel.  Oh well, live and learn. My dogs love this quilt.  They love to burrow under it in the winter.  I guess it is falling apart because I have washed it so much. 

This is the latest.  It is a strip club quilt.  It has not been quilted yet but it is the last thing I have finished. My husband has claimed this one.  It is done in very manly colors (if there is such a thing).

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Quilting. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Arizona Vacation

Last week Brenda and I took a week long vacation at Lake Havasu in Arizona.

This was our mini sewing retreat.  Boy did we get a lot done.  I know I finished four tops, one back with the binding ready.  Started another, it needs borders.   

This is looking out from our balcony onto the channel

Another view from our balcony

This was one of the tops I put Together.  Notice I used the carpet as my design wall. 
This is what the carpet (design wall) looks like after several quilts have been layed out on it.

We had a great time and were able to visit two quilt stores (twice) while we were there.