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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mystery Quilt

Every year on New Years Eve day several of us ladies get together and do an on line mystery quilt. 

The material needed and cutting instructions are given several weeks in advance. 

This year we were told to pick a background, light and two medium colors.  That is all the hints on color you are given.   

My background was red and my two mediums were the blue and orange leaving the yellow as my light. 

The photo looks really wrinkly but it is just the way the dogs scrunched it up before I got the photo.  I selected a boy print with rocket ships for the back of the quilt.  Still have to do the binding then it will be done. 

Mystery quilts can be really fun to do.  I chose the crib size to do as I knew it was going to be a charity quilt. 

Happy quilting.  Encourage each other in quilting, Paula

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