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Monday, January 31, 2011

Working Hard on organization

When January hit I wanted to be a bit more productive in my sewing area. I have not been able to get anything organized as I had no place to really stack material anymore so it was jammed (yes, I do mean jammed) in every little area I could find. I decided I needed to be able to see what material (especially the big yardage 3 yards and over)I had and be able to see it. I went to one of the local quilt stores and asked for their empty bolts. I have brought them home and started to wrap the larger yardages onto the bolts. I made hubby help me with one of the closets and have made an area for the bolts to go. I have 40 bolts on the bottom 35 plus on the middle and just a few sacked on the top. I need more empty bolts to finish off the closet. Then I have two storage units that i will clean out and fill next. I probably have another 40 or so materials to still put on bolts then I have to organize the material that is less than three yards. I have already done most of my fat quarters. I have two big containers that they are folded nicely and stacked. When have to get a photo of that another day.

Did you notice the quilts on the shelf.
These are finished tops and are waiting to be quilted. This is just one small stack. Yikes. I need a place to sandwich these darn things so I can get to quilting.

I did get to do some fun things today. I was able to cut out most of another quilt to get working on plus spent some time quilting charity quilts. I was able to finish one and get the binding attached. Now to sew it down. I was also able to get started on the quilting of a second one. Hopefully I will be able to work a little bit on it tomorrow. Guild is Thursday night and I would like to have at least one finished to turn in. Not sure if I can get a second one completed by then.

Well, it is almost midnight again and I am tired. Happy Quilting to all. Paula

1 comment:

  1. Holy Moley Paula, that's a lot of fabric! And a lot of tops to quilt. Pinning quilts is the worst part of the whole process and it's hard if you don't have a great place to do it. I still have to do it on the floor which is getting harder and harder to get up. I scooch around on my butt alot when I do that. See you tonight at guild!