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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Striip Club - Tuesday


Another Day Spent At Thimble Towne sewing at Strip Club. 
These ladies always amaze me.  We have such talented quilters that participate in Strip Club.

In the back in the pink top is Cheryl.  Front is Darby.  Wait until you see their quilts a bit later in this post.

Farthest back is Sheila, Brenda on the left and Diane on the right

Standing is Rita, Sitting is Karen T., Brenda on the left and Diane (back of her head).

Standing is Jeremy, Sitting on left is Darby and on the Right is Bonnie

Shoes.  Whoo Hoo Blue.

Bonnie Sitting, Joan on far right standing, Back table is Jeannie on left and Diane H. on Right.

Darby - busy cutting her blocks.

Sheila and Diane B. cutting their strips into blocks.

Show and Tell.  Diane H. her finished top. It is amazing what the backgroud colors and border colors do to change the total look of these quilts.

Brenda's completed quilt. Ask her about this quilt!  You will get a good laugh.

Joan's finished top.  She made hers square and I like how it looked. Now her background is black and below is Darbys which is brown. 

Darby's finished quilt.  Oh so pretty. See the difference in the black and brown.  The brown is softer but the colors still pop out.

Cheryl's finished quilt.  Take a close look at her border.  Just love it.  So whimsical.  The border changes the whole look of the quilt.  Such fun.


Jeremy showing us the fat quarters for the next quilt

Here is the quilt for next month.

The whole quilt.

Jeremy showing us where the block is.

Sheila working hard on sewing her blocks together

Diane H. showing her mini table runner....So cute.

We all had a great day sewing our strips, cutting them up and sewing them back together. 
I can't wait to see the finished tops that people are making. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Encourage each other in quilting. 

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  1. Great post! Fun to see everyone's color choices.