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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catching Up

First I want to thank Barbara Sindlinger for suggesting that I change chrome to get into blogger so I could upload photos again.  I have not been able to load photos since early December.  

Hopefully this will work.  I am trying to type with a cat in my lap helping me.  Steve is about 18 lbs and is hindering this post.  

The kids and grandkids playing a game....We females always get new jammies for Christmas so....We were all in our new Jams....
Everyone being comfy after a big meal.

Miss Kitty getting into the act.  I need to lay on anything that isn't usually there. 

Concentrating on their next moves. JJ the black cat up next to the T.V. just walked across the board so is banned.  

Close up of Kristina.

On of my favorite things.  TEA!!!

Christine and Jeff.  Opening packages. 

Opening packages.  Kristina - Victoria 

Kristina trying on a Christmas present.

It was a wonderful Christmas to have everyone home at the same time.  That does not happen very often at all.

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