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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Common Threads

Our last Guild meeting early January 3rd 2013 I took some photos.....I wanted to share some of them with you but blogger was thwarting me. able to post photos by using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer (Thank You Barbara.  You are such a sweetheart for giving me the fix).

Our 2013 Opportunity Quilt.  I would like to thank Diane Mitchell, Barbara Sindlinger and all the other worker bees that made this quilt.  You guys are the greatest.   It is beautiful. 


Sample of Class project

Elaine Berry's Quilt

Elaine Berry's Quilt

Skya Richardsons

Skya Richardson's antique Quilt

Darby Myers 

Cheryl Mitchell

Close Up

Pat Bell's Quilt 

Andrea Gassaway's Quilt

Andrea's Quilt of Valor 

Mary Jane's Quilt 

Mary Jane's Quilt

Sorry if I got any names or quilts incorrect.  Time passes and I forget.

Thank you ladies for sharing.  They are all beautiful. 


  1. Beautiful OP quilt!!! And what a great 'quilt show'!Lots of busy guild members...Linda

  2. I switched over to writing my posts on Windows Live Writer. You can easily post them from there. I really like it because there are some super easy photo editing options in WLW as well. I wish I had been posting from there from the beginning. It is so user-friendly.

    Makes you wonder why blogger switched up on us.