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Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Photos from Sharon's Trunk Show

This piece if made using the piece-la-kay (I do not know how it is really spelled but this is the way it sounds) method. 

Close up of the back .  

I wish you could see the edge of this quilt.  It is braid.  Just beautiful.  Her show quilts take between 3000 and 5000 hours to make. 

I just wish you could see some of this stitching up close.  The quilting is just beautiful.  

This quilt is all done by hand.  Again, I wish you could see it up close.  The workmanship is just beautiful. 

The gold on the left is lame.  The stitching is out of this world.  

I wish you could see the edges of this quilt.  So totally different.  Too cool. 

Sorry, these next two are foggy.  I kept getting bumped.  But you can still get the idea what the quilts look like. 

Well, That is all for now.  Hope you enjoy all the quilts. 

thanks for dropping by. 

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