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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Los Osos Quilting Retreat

Our semi-annual retreat at Los Osos was held this past Friday 4/27 throught Tuesday 5/1 - - - Most of us attended the Seven Sisters Quilt Show at the Madonna Inn.  It was a very nice show and of course while we were there we had to visit The THIMBLE TOWNE BOOTH. We had a great time and believe me everyone could here us laugh through out the quilt show. 

None of these photos are in order.  I just downloaded all of them,  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.

The retreat was wonderful and we had a great time.  Of course it ended too soon after I took a spill and ended up in the emergency room.  All  my room mates were wonderful and took really good care of me getting the retreat packed up and me off to the hospital.....Thank all of you so very much.  I love you all.

Sharon G. trading books

Cheryl Mitchell's quilt.

Can't remember who's fabric this was but we liked it.  It has favorite.

Elise's Chicken panel

Sharon - -  What are you looking for?

Joanie showing her fabrics.

Elise showing her quilt pieces

Sharon showing her purchases

Juanita showing her chicks

Juanita's wall hanging for a friend

Barbara Graham's little chick

Sharon's fabric

Juanita's Sweet Treats

Another view of Juanita's quilt

Another of Barbara's flowers and chicks

Sharon's Panel

Loot coming out of Juanita's bags

Barbara's shoe box.  Suzanne looking on and Sue Shaleen in the back

Another of Barbara's flowers and chick.

Sharon's fabric for her pillow case

Juanita's Purple fabric

Barbara's new shoes Thimble Towne Style.

Brenda's stack and whack

Carolyn's loot. 


Cheryl's fabric

Brenda's baby quilt for the botique

Carolyn's patterns


Marcella and her Blue Fabric

The back of Brenda's baby boy quilt

Carolyn, Marcella and Brenda

Sheila showing the start of a pillow case

Juanita and her butterfly

Marcella and her Sweet Treats

Carolyn and the start of her Jelly Bean Quilt

Sheila and done of her patterns.  See the material in front of her.  It is puppys and paws. too cute

Alice's quilt. 

Elise and more patterns

This is the start of my quilt being held by Jeannie

Suzanne and the start of her blocks.

Brenda and her charity quilts

Joannies quilt

Marcella's border

Elise's purple fabric

Charity Quilt

Marcella's Doggie Quilt

Suzanne's embrodery project

Sue - Watching all the shared items

Marcella's quilt top

Suzanne's new book

Denise's apron

Jeannie's sweet treats

One of Denise's pillow cases

Denise and Brenda

Jeannie's quilt top

Denise modeling her apron

Denise showing some of her purhases

Jeannie's quilt top in the works

Sheila showing her fabrics

Denise and more fabric

Elise and her new basket

Brenda and her new basket (full)

Sheila showing her block

Brenda going through her full basket

Sheila and her new scarf

Still bringing items out of the basket

Starting from the left - Denise, Brenda, Sharon, Juanita, Carolyn and Sheila in the back

Ask anyone at the retreat about this fabric

Cheryl going through her new basket (it is full also)

Sheila and Elise

Sheila showing her fabric

More of Sheila's fabric

More and More of Sheila's fabric

Sheila's new sewing sweat shirt

Sue's block

Sheila's fabric

Elise and Jeannie

Elise and her wedges


Denise and her doggie coat

Don't remember who's this was but it was orange so I needed a photo.

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  1. you'll do anything to get out of packing up after a retreat! Hope you are feeling better and doing things again.