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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today was Strip Club at Thimble Towne

Once a month I try to always attend Strip Club at Thimble Towne.  We use 2-1/2" strips to make quilts.  Here are some of the quilts shown today. 
We always have to see which shoes Jeremy is wearing.  Here is today's. 

This Christmas Tree was made by Diane Holmes.  It is make using the mini twister.  This whole thing is about 12" by 18"  I just love how it turned out.  great job Diane.

This quilt is called Jelly Beans and was made by Joan.  Sorry I don't have Joan's last name.  It really turned out great.  Now to get mine finished.  Ha Ha.  It will be a while before I can even get back to mine.

This is Cheryl's quilt.  Notice it is completely finished and she even added an extra border.  It turned our beautiful.  Of course this will probably make Brenda jealous since it is PURPLE,

This is a mini completed by Diane Holmes.  She took the pattern and reduced it down.  It is a great crib size.  Now I want to reduce mine.  Really like how it turned out.

Diane Brown's quilt.  Her background is just so darn neat.  I love how it goes between greens and yellow. Her blocks really pop out.

Shoot.  I just forgot her name.  She is from Bakersfield and her name just went right out of my mind.  This quilt is king size.  Of course I love it as the background is Orange.  I love Orange.

This quilt is Brenda's.  Notice the dark purple background.  Again the blocks just pop out at you.  Really like how it turned out.

This quilt is mine.  My background is totally different than anyone else's.  My background is brown with lots of other colors in it. 

This beautiful green quilt is Jeannie's.  I love the blue's and brown's.  The best part is Jeannie got the whole top completed.  Way to go Jeannie.

Random shots of some of the work we did today. This one the background is black

This one the backgroud is brown.

Notice the background fabric on Diane's quilt.  I just love it.  I can't wait to see it all put together.

This is Cheryl's and she graphed her quilt top out as it wil be all pinks and purples with her dark background.  It should be beautiful when finished.

This is a photo of next months quilt.  Love, Love, Love the bright colors.

Sorry, Jeremy is sideways and I can't get blogger to turn him right side up. 

Well, that is all for this trip into Quilt Land. 
Encourage each other in Quilting.  Paula

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