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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Strip Club Tuesday

Twelve of us participated in Strip Club yesterday.  Too much fun.  If course I am sure Jeremy wanted to put me in a closet somewhere away from the class.  I was so excited to be able to sew again that I was totally wound up.  It was so nice to visit with everyone and catch up. 

Of course all the Half Square triangles began to get to you after a while.  Of course they are much easier to make when you use the strip tube ruler.  Faster, but all the cutting and pressing made my wrist hurt.

Random photos of class perticipants
Cheryl (in Navy top) Brenda (Green top)

Far Left is Diane B (in cream) Joan (in Black) and Darby (in white).

Diane H (in pink), Diane B (in Cream)

Darby - Way in the back - Jeannie, Jackie, Linda B.

Elise (in Blue)

Take a look at the cool shoes.

Jeremy giving us instructions

Show and Tell

Diane Holmes - Notice the black and grey pinwheels.  Too neat.  Love this.

Diane Brown's.  Her pinwheels are yellow and purple. 

Joan's quilt.  Love the purple boarder. 

Darby's quilt.  Wish I had a close up.  The quilting is just breath taking.  When I grow up I want to quilt like Darby.

Cheryl's Quilt.  This quilt is big and beautiful.  Cheryl always makes either Queen or king size quilts and quilts them on her home machine. 

Here is Cheryl's Hunter Star quilt finished.  Look how those stars pop out.  Just gorgeous.

This will be our quilt for August.  You have your choice of Halloween or Batik strips.

Darby - The winner of next months strips.

Well folks,  that is all for today.  Thanks for stopping by.   Encourage each other in quilting.  Paula

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