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Saturday, May 7, 2011

More from retreat.

More photo's from our Los Osos Quilting Diva's Retreat

We would spend the mornings watching the deer come down the hill and into the yards for their breakfast then back up the hill of an evening to their resting place. It was fun to watch all the different size deer. We had babies, teens, moms and dads.

Here are a few photos.

Before I get started I need to let everyone of the ladies know that one of my disc's is missing.
I was unable to take the photos off of it. So. We are missing about 24 photos.

This is our second day at the coast. We decided to do show and tell after the quilt show (Seven Sisters held at the Madonna Inn) so we could see what everyone purchased. After the quilt show we all took off and went to McClintocks for dinner. All I can say is way to much food, but oh so good. It was wonderful.

Show and Tell

First up was Juanita. She found some beautiful fabrics.

Here is part of her purchases.

Next up is Kay. Take look at this piece of fabric.

And this bundle of fabric

And this bag of fabric

And more fabric

And a sweet treat bundle

All the photos are out of order plus the missing ones from show and tell that did not come out.

So very sorry.

Try getting everyone together for a photo!!!

Here is a list:

Barbara Graham

Marcella Casaday

Sharon Gordon

Carolyn Brown

Brenda McCutcheon

Juanita Cairns

Suzanne McDermot

Kay Fenn

Jeannie Sisco

Missing is Me (Paula) - I am taking the photo, and Alice. She left before we could get the photo that day.

Alice,showing off the bag she made.

Close Up.

Juanita's flowers. This is a wall hanging she was working on. Oh so pretty.

Brenda's Stack and Whack she worked on from the beginning of retreat. She finished it.....My corvette.

Juanita and her purse. She purchased the material at the quilt show then came back and made it. Too Pretty to use.

Jeannie's Trade Winds quilt. Ask her about her borders!!!

Juanita and her purchases. Look at the number of bags.

Jeannie showing off her purchases.

Sharon working on her Stack and whack.

Jeannie and her cat patterns.

Carolyn admiring the view.

Barbara and Kay. Do we sew or do we eat?

On the morning of the quilt show we decided to have a stress free breakfast built for the kid in all of us. We had fruit loops, sugar pops, raisin bran, yogurt, muffins, juice and milk. Easy and no mess to clean up. Wonderful breakfast.

We had so much food there was no way we could have eaten it all if there were 40 of us. But we sure did our best to try to put a dent in it.

Marcella, sampling a side car. Woo Hoo.

Sharon sampling the fare.

We had four rows of sewing machines set up with three machines to a row. My hubby got a peak when he called me through skype and called us a sweat shop. What does he know!

Sewing late into the night.

Snacking on that punch bowl cake.

Catching up on the news while sewing.

Dishing up the punch bowl cake.

Sharon can't decide if she wants to start on this pattern or not. Oh, that's one she just bought.

Hum.....the pattern or the book?

Sharon's stack.

Brenda's purchases

What do you thinnk about these? Are they too bright? Nah! Nothing can be too bright.

That was just too funny. Notice the snake on the fabric. You had to hear the story to go with it.

This is were we will end. So sorry I wish the other pictures would have turned out. We had more show and tell plus some finished quilt tops.

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