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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My First Landscape Quilt Finished

I was determined to finish this landscape quilt. I had never made one before (always wanted to). The class I took at Thimble Towne Quilt store was the winner. The teacher was Phyllis Brinkley and she provided everything other than your pins and scissors. She had three types of batting to choose from when you put your landscape together to quilt. I chose a thicker batting and am glad I did as it made some of the areas really poof out (the rocks, mountains etc.) Quilting this little jewel was fun. Since I had never done anything like this. Certain areas you did differently. The sky....the water. the bushes, the trees. All different stitches. I did a figure 8, funny zig-zag, long stitch, and several others that I don't remember what they were called but I did them.

This is a close up. You can see some of the stitches a little better. It was quite fun and a huge learning experience. Would I do it again? You bet. Of course I bet it would take me years to collect all the great materials that Phyllis had.

thanks for dropping by. Happy Quilting, Paula


  1. I love it Paula. Glad you enjoyed the process too. How fun to go shopping now so you can make another!

  2. Paula, it turned out great! Love it!