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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More from Retreat

I found two of the three missing discs from Retreat.

I will share the photos with you in no particular order.

Barbara in the front, In the black and white is Bobby Adams, In the light green top of Marsha and in the far corner is Patty.,


Working away. Because Sheila was so quiet and kept her nose to the grindstone she got a lot accompolished. Yea, Sheila

Part of Show and Tell
Barbara Graham's Petal Pop Quilt

Pat Erickson betting ready to draw a winning name from Patty's Basket

Patty O'Hare with her nose to the grindstone.

Patty, Pat and Bobbie telling stories? LOL!

Pat (Oh what did I do now?)

Marsha (In a pressing situation)

Marsha, happily sewing along

More show and tell

Barbara's Leaders and enders Irish Chain. This quilt is 134" x 134". Hum.....wonder if she could have made it any bigger? Beautiful scrappy quilt.

Janice quilting away.

She made two beautiful wall hanging on Saturday.

Another show and tell.
Hanging baskets by Barbara Graham.

Diane Mitchell
Hum......wonder what she was thinking. Oh that concentration.

Cheryl Mitchell. (She is in the corner on purpose)
Not really.....But she kept me out of the corner.

Cheryl and Pat. I cut bobby out (not on purpose) I was trying to show you that the gals had on matching shirts.

Carolyn showing off her bag that she completed on Monday.

Pat and Carolyn (its snack time) Carolyn is showing me how not to be messy. I need all the tips I can get. I always spill something.

Carol Todds quilt. She did a great job.

Carol Todd.....Enjoying the view out the windows.

Bobby Adams
Sew Sew Sew - see all those rows sitting beside her.

Bobbie in all her glory. I bet she give great - Grandma Hugs.

Bobbie and Jeannie - hum.....what are they adding to their coffee?

Barbara Sindlinger
Wish I could get as much does as she does.
We also got to see photos of her new grandson "Jack" What a doll.

More of Barbara

Jeannie's star quilt.

Barbara and Debbie Van Fossen

Bobbie and Patty

Carolyn's Quilt for her Brother

Barbara and Carol

Sorry, Not remembering who's this was....I think it was one of the Coalinga girls? Cheryl, Pat,


If I have anyones name wrong or quilts wrong, please forgive me. My mind left along time ago. Without me. Quilting Hugs, Paula

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