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Friday, August 5, 2011

Class With Cindy Needham

This is Cindy Needham.

The class I took from her was Open Thread Bar. It was held at Thimble Towne on August 4th. When we arrived for class we were ushered to our seats so we could set up. We were then presented with a light breakfast (Quiche, fresh fruit, coffee etc. Wonderful to start the day.

Cindy is a gracious Bar Tender (Play on the Open Thread BAR. We covered tons of information about threads, how they work, when and where to use them. We had wonderful handouts plus a C.D with tons of info (Which I have not had time to play yet). We went through several different types and plys of threads and we each took samples to attach to our handouts so we could refer back to them. Some of the thread samples were:

Masterpiece: a 50 W 2-ply Egyptian Cotton

King Tut: 49 w, 3-ply Egyptian Cotton

Bottom Line: 60 W 2 -ply polyester

SO Fine: 50 Wt 3-ply polyester

Highlights, Living & Nature Colors plus Art Studio Colors : High Sheen premium 40 Wt 3 -ply trilobal polyester

Rainbows: High Sheen 40Wt 3-ply trilobal polyester with a 1" color change

Brytes: 30 Wt. 3-ply polyester

Kimono Silk: #100 silk filament thread

Metallic: 40Wt spun metallic

Glitter: Flat hologram thread

Razzle Dazzle: 8 Wt decorative thread

This beautiful piece was hanging on the wall and we were told that most of the thread used on it were the Art Studio colors which were NEON in colors. On this piece you would not know they were neon. It is just beautiful. What a wonderful way to show off threads.

This was a piece that was passed around the class room. Of course I had to get a photo. Look at those colors and the quilting is words to say breathtaking.

During break time some ladies continued sewing, me I had to wander and get photos.

Sorry about his photo. My arm was bumped just as I snapped the photo.

Cindy is holding this sample and trying to hold and explain another.

Some up close photos of the different threads used. Notice the thread color changes for the centers of some of the feathers.

And the beading.

More feathers.

When I grow up I want to quilt like this.

Last quilt. Sorry about the photo again, we were working in tight quarters.

Some of the things I learned that day was that for machine quilting a Microtex sharp Topstitch needle is the way to go. You really will not need any other. Sizes are anywhere from a 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16. It you can find the Titanium needles the last about 10 times longer than regular needles.

So.....It will sure save me from purchasing a lot of other needles I won't use anymore. ( I love saving money so I can buy more fabric.

We all took a break for lunch which again Thimble Towne provided. Yum. We all got to select from a menu when we arrived a lunch arrived right about noon. I had a sandwich (Turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese with lettuce and tomato) So good. Also a cookie and drink. I was very full and needed a nap but.....back to sewing. I did take a quick break for some fast shopping. There was a 40% sale going on so naturally had to partake. Jeremy has to stop holding sales while I am in class. Of course it did not damage the pocket book too much.

Some of the other hints or tips were:

Use a pipe cleaner to clean the inside of your machine. Never use canned air as it spreads the lint around in areas you can't reach.

Well, that's about it for today. Thanks for dropping by. Happy Quilting, Paula

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  1. I'm taking the guild class tomorrow - we won't get the good food but we'll learn the same things. So excited!