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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thimble Towne Strip Club

So Sorry this is late being posted. I ended up in the hospital for a two day stay so this post did not get finished on time like I had planned. So Sorry.

I had to attend Tuesday's Strip Club due to scheduling problems and my calendar.

The photos are loaded totally differently as my poor ole brain does not wish to function properly today.

Here is Diane B. and Brenda. We are waiting for class to start. We are excited.....Can't you tell. A new project to unveil. What will it be for September?

Decided to start with Show and Tell.

Here is Brenda's Quilt. Doesn't it just pop out at you. Love it. Great Job, and it is quilted also.

Here is Cheryl C's quilt.

Love the Gold in her quilt. It does remind me of more manly colors. Not sure if that is what she was going for but I like it. Cheryl's is also quilted.

Here is my quilt. If you look to the far right..... the gold and blue Lotus Blossom (the class sample). That was my first quilt. This is my second and I wanted to to be totally different. It is not quilted yet but it is pinned (thanks Karen T.) I ran out of time. So....hopefully can get it quilted soon.

Here we are taking a quilt breather getting all set up and ready to go. We have four more people coming so we decided to visit until they arrived....

Standing is Brenda M. talking to Faye. Way in the back in Brenda #2 and Cheryl.

Here you have Brenda #2 Back left, Bernita Front
left, Cheryl back right, Andria front right.

More quilters

another angle.

Jeremy giving us a peek at the materials you can choose for next months quilt.

Spin Cycle - One version of the quilt for next month.

Spin Cycle done in Halloween materials.

Jeremy just had to tempt us with two different versions. Which one do you pick? Hum.....may have to do them both. Will have o see.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy Quilting. Paula

1 comment:

  1. Heard you were in the hospital. Hope you are doing better. I know it won't slow you down - you're a machine!