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Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Retreat Photos

Thought you all would like to see some more show and tell plus a bit more retreat.

 Here is a table runner that Kay made.

Janice Minyard stopped by with show and tell.  The quilting on this quilt was just beautiful.  Wish you could have seen this in real life and not just this photo.  Oh Wow is all I can say!

 This is a Halloween panel she made.  Such a fun quilt.
This beauty is Carolyn's, Love the bright colors.

This is Diane's

 This will give you a perspective of the size of Diane's.  It is about 8" total

What happens when the M & M peanuts are spilled all over the floor.

 I can't say enough about this table runner that Juanita started.  Just beautiful.  These flowers have 100's of little petals.

Jeannie's twists

 The start of another twist.

 Juanita's (can't remember what she called it.) But it is a Ricky Tims pattern.

 A few more shots. Here is Diane

 Here is Juanita

 if you have never had punch bowl cake you should try it.  We eat it all week long for desert.  It is made with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whipping cream, herseys syurp, and candy bars.  All layered together.  Decadent can't really describe it.

  Oh, I forgot to tell you we had it with Kaluha

 Too Good.

 More show and tell.  This is Marcella's

 This is Brenda's

Well, That is all for now.  Thanks for dropping by.  Happy Quilting, Paula

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