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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Quilting Related

Last night my hubby and myself had the pleasure of watching our Granddaughter's choral performance.  I spent the day hemming her dress.  What a challenge.  It was crape with a taffeta underlay.  I had never worked with either material before. 

Here are the girls.

Here are the boys. 

This is Victoria.  We were not sure she would make it as she was sick, running a temp and was on medication from her Dr's visit that afternoon.  She said the show must go on and she wanted to be there.

Here are the girls waiting for there cue.

I was really proud of her since it is her first year in Choral.

Sorry the photos are not that good.  I was way in the back of the room and had to zoom in.  The lighting was not that good on stage but.....they photos will have to do.

They had one little gal last night that did a solo that was outstanding.  She should have a record contract she was that good.  I was so in awe I did not even remember to take her photo.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me show off part of my family life.

Happy quilting, Paula

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