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Monday, September 12, 2011

Love those Comfort quilts

I have been working on Comfort Quilts for our Hanford Guild.  Ladies in our guild piece tops then turn them in and usually it is Mary Ann Loya that sandwiches them.  They then come to me to be quilted.  I wish I knew who make some of the tops so they could get credit but......On this top the little flowers are appliqued on.  Aren't they too cute!

This next quilt was little flag blogs I won at the Orange Blossom Guild for the block of the month.  I put them all together then added borders for a cute red, white and blue quilt. 

This baby quilt is too darn cute for words.  Whoever made this top did a great job.  All the little animals are a white fluffy soft material and are appliqued on.  I love this little quilt and wish I had a little boy to share it with.  Thanks to whoever turned it in.

Another Block of the month quilt.  I had enough blocks to make a second top.  I had to scrounge for material to make the borders.  It turned out really cute and bright.  This should cheer up someones day.

This quilt was another top turned in.  The yellow and white flowers are daisy's and really bright.  The photo does not do it justice.  Really a nice quit. 

I hope you enjoy seeing all the different quilts as much as I enjoy showing them to you.  This little bit of quilting makes me feel that I am able to give something back to my community.  Believe me over the years I have had many wonderful people help me.

Thanks for dropping by.  Happy Quilting.

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