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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mini Sewing Tote

I was trying this pattern out for this mini sewing tote.  I wanted something easy to carry back and forth to classes without needing to take my huge sewing tote (that weighs a ton)

It is only about 6 x 6 in size.  It holds a ton of things.  I was really surprised ow much it holds.  The little zipper on the front of this side opens up to secure storage.  I have cutting blades in this side in their plastic holder.   

All the ladies in my sewing group liked this so when we go to retreat in October guess what we will all be making?  Yep, mini sewing totes.
Now.....all you ladies that quilt your own pieces I need your help.  I have never quilted a panel before and really struggled with this.  I quilted around all the main parts and here and there.  I have not done anything else to it yet.  The batting I used was really fluffy and I had never used it before.  Now my question is....
How do I block it to make it lay a bit flatter.  I have not bound it yet and will do that first.  I want the end to lay flat and not curl as they look like they are doing now.  HELP! 

Thanks for dropping by.  Happy Quilting, Paula

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