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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today was Stonehenge day at Thimble Towne. I signed up for this lecture quite some time ago. When I found out the representative for Stonehenge (Northcott fabrics) was coming I could not resist.

When I first saw Stonehenge fabrics in a quilting magazine (can't remember which one now). I asked Jeremy if he was going to carry that line. He said it was already ordered. Was I ever excited to even do a strip club quilt out of it. It has become one of my top favorite fabrics. If you have not felt it you need to. It is so silky (for a cotton).

O.K. I will shut up and get back to the day.

As we came through the door we were checked off the list, given a goodie bag with an embroidered name tag done on Stonehenge fabric for all of us to wear. We were then ushered to an area to have our photos taken. This photo on the left was a whole wall done in the labels of Stonehenge and Thimble Towne. We stood in front of this wall to have our photos taken.

This is VIC. He was our Guest Speaker for the day. What a fun person. We learned lots about the fabric and that it is made in Korea. They run 3000 yards of just one fabric at a time. That is 200 bolts. That is of each fabric. So......Stonehenge has over 110 different bolts. You do the math. I don't have that many fingers and toes to count it.

Everyone that attended had a fat quarter in their bags, plus another on their chair with a ticket. (Each ticket was a winner).

The quilt behind Vic is called Smokey River and is made using Stonehenge fabrics. Mine is sitting in the closet just waiting for me to take it out and put it together.

This is one of the quilts made with Stonehenge fabrics
I think it was called Christmas Tree but don't quote me.
Love the bright fabrics.

All of these quilts come in kits and you can get them through Thimble Towne

Sorry I don't remember the name of this one but it comes in a kit also.

Here is another

And another.

I wish I could do them all. But........I don't have that much sewing time.

Now Vic showed us some of the new items for either later this year or next year. These are some of the things being introduced at Quilt market in Houston in October.

You will get to see a few panels.

Doesn't this look like stained glass.

Here is another panel

Same panel, different color way

This was one I fell in love with. Vic showed a photo of this panel in the center of a quilt and the companion fabrics around it to make up the quilt. Just beautiful.

We were able to see about 20 different lines of fabrics and vote on them. Some of these lines have up to three different color ways. They were all beautiful. Oh to have that much money to just buy fabrics.....My Wish!!!

Just some random shots.

Brenda on the left, Denise in the middle, Jeannie on the right. Notice the name tags. This was what Jeremy made for everyone. There were over 60 people there.

Notice the banner over the top of the door. The doorway had black curtains (like a theater) We all had to stay on this side of the curtains until the big event started.

Becky and her daughter (so sorry, can't remember her daughters name. Look at those smiles. By the end of the day those smiles were still there. A little more tired but still smiling.

Victoria -

Decisions, Decisions.....what material do I want to take home today?

This was shot from across the room and I was bumped right as I tried to take a photo of Carolyn. Sorry Carolyn.

Part of the crowd before we got to go in.

Hi Vicki

Greg was the photographer for the day. Had to get his photo so he would not be left out.

In the classroom there was 60 some odd chairs set up. I quit counting at 60. Here are some of the ladies in attendance.

Here are some of the prizes. Everyone went home with a prize.

Carol, our last prize winner received a big bundle of Stonehenge fat quarters.

All in all it was a wonderful day. I got to visit was ladies I had not seen in awhile (Both Linda B and Linda M, Faye, Kristen from Bakersfield, and too many others.)

After shopping we left to go to lunch at Alahandros. The five of us had a great lunch and it finished of the day very nicely.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting, Paula

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  1. I almost stopped by on my way home from Bakersfield today but was tired of driving. Now I wish I did.