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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Strip Club at Thimble Towne

Strip Club Tuesday at Thimbletowne

Love the Lime Green Shoes. 
I was not able to attend Saturdays Strip Club class as I was at the Quilt Show in Reedley.  So had to go on Tuesday. 

Blogger and I seem to be fighting today.  It won't let me put the photos where I want them. 

This first wall hanging is Diane's.  The next photo is Diane happy at work on her Spin Cycle quilt.   

Cheryl working on her Spin Cycle.

Cheryl's Harvest made in Brights.

Here is my Harvest. Ha, Ha, you can't see me working at my sewing machine because I am behind the camera. LOL!

Here is Faye busy working on her Spin Cycle and below is Faye's Harvest Quilt.
Thanks for dropping by.  Happy Quilting, Paula

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